January 11, 2022

Though my primary work is as an academic, I also work on cases that I believe are important and interesting. That work is almost exclusively pro bono.

I have recently become focused on efforts to better regulate technology companies, especially social media companies. In that work, I’ve learned of (and met) some inside the industry who want to help prosecutors understand the dynamics of technology companies better, but who are not willing to reveal their own identity.

To help these individuals, and in honor of one of its initial developers, Aaron Swartz, who passed 9 years ago today, I have installed a SecureDrop server.

Any documents passed to me through this server that seem to me relevant to an ongoing prosecution or litigation related to technology companies, I will pass to the appropriate authorities. Anything unrelated to these purposes, I will discard. No document passed to me will be used for any purpose other than aiding the enforcement of the law.

I have not been asked by any prosecutor or litigator to facilitate this service. And I am not able to provide support to whistleblowers directly. If you’re interested in becoming a whistleblower, contact Whistleblower Aid. If you have information you believe might be useful to prosecutors, ideally you should contact them directly. If you need the benefit of anonymity, that’s the purpose of this SecureDrop service. Follow this link for instructions on how to use it safely.