SecureDrop Info

If you use this SecureDrop facility as described below, then any information you provide to me will be provided anonymously — not because I promise to keep it anonymous, but because the code makes it so. SecureDrop has become essential infrastructure for the passing of information anonymously and securely.

While the platform itself uses Tor hidden services to support anonymity, you should be careful about from where you access the platform. Avoid using the platform on small networks, where the use of Tor may be monitored or restricted, or in public places, where your screen may be viewed by CCTV. Do not jump from this page to the SecureDrop site, especially on monitored networks. You should instead make a note of the Tor URL (below) and upload your content from a different machine at a different time.

How to access the SecureDrop service:

(1) To use SecureDrop, you must be able to access the Tor network. You can download software to do that at: For your own protection, it is best to use a public WiFi network in an area not visible by a security camera. Alternatively, you can boot your computer from a USB key loaded with the Tails secure operating system, available at: That system includes a Tor web browser.

(2) Once you launch the Tor browser, enter the following URL into the Tor address bar:




When the page loads, you will be given instructions on how to submit files and messages.

(3) When you submit a file, you will be assigned a unique, randomly generated code phrase. If I have any need to contact you, I will leave a message in SecureDrop that only you, using that code phrase, can access. These messages are the only way I can reach you. Again, though I can reach you in this way, that will give me no way to identify who you are.